Swimming Pool Inspection

If you have a pool and planning to own one, you need to get the swimming pool inspection done, and it’s crucial for you. The authorities have ensured that the swimming pools remain safe for the users by enforcing a set of guidelines in safety laws.

AZ Builders and Surveyors conduct the mandatory pool and spa inspection and provide a certificate if the pool is compliant with the existing regulations. It requires a pool to be a safe place and have restricted access at all times. As a pool or spa owner, you also have the responsibility to maintain your swimming pool or spa operation following the safety regulations.

Be it a homeowner or a commercial property our team of trained and experienced inspectors and surveyors conduct the inspection meticulously ensuring nothing is left for chance. With this, you are sure not to face any hassle later on during your swimming pool or spa operation.

These laws relating to the swimming pool and spa safety require inspections, maintenance and compliance requirements for all property owners. The property owners require registration of their facility with the local council.

Trust us, with the swimming pool inspection that will take care of all your worries.