Mandatory Inspection

Talking of mandatory building inspections, we are referring to several things. Following the regulatory standards, inspections are carried out at various stages of the construction. Therefore, getting a house or commercial building construction is not a small feat. There is a lot that can go wrong if anything gets overlooked at the construction stage. Often, what looks insignificant at the construction stage can create havoc later on.

At AZ Building Surveyors and Consultants, we adopt a diligent and careful approach to ensure that no chance remains that can cause significant issues later on. It makes our mandatory inspection service a crucial activity for a safe and structurally sound building.

Our team of qualified building surveyors, inspectors, cover the building’s technical side and the different interpretations along with the building regulations in your state or territory.

 After all, you cannot compromise on any aspect of your construction; it may turn into a significant issue at a later stage. From your swimming pool, residential establishment to commercial buildings, we help you conduct the mandatory inspections that leave not even the slightest margin of error that may prove costly for you in the future.