About Us

AZ Building Surveyors & Consultants is a provider of inspection and consultancy services with a team of experienced professionals consisting of inspectors, surveyors and qualified real estate professionals.

We believe in offering services compliant with the regulations and a value for the clients’ money proposition. Over the years, we have served thousands of customers with utmost satisfaction.

It is our mission to perform high-quality inspections for residential or commercial properties. We are focused on providing detailed, accurate and understandable reports that fall in lines with the regulatory standards and meet the customers’ expectations. Our reports go beyond fulfilling the compliance and go on to assist you in making the correct decision.

We help you conduct other related inspections simultaneously and provide a detailed written report that is easy to understand and implement.

Our services are not limited to this, and we strive to help you develop and adopt best practices that meet all the high standards. In our endeavour, we continue to expand our expertise to benefit our clients.

We are forward-thinking, learning organization that is evolving for the better with every passing day.

As independent consultants, we ensure all diagnostic and rectification procedures that are practical and cost-effective.