Building Permits

It is challenging and time-consuming as you go through the process of designing and construction. We at AZ Building and Surveyors simplify the permitting process for you. Our team are qualified professionals, including architectural technologists, designers and urban planners, and over the years, we have helped clients achieve their goals successfully.

From now on, you need not worry as we offer you the convenience and ease of technology. Our primary role includes issuing the building permits for all properties, from the commercial ones to the residential buildings.

Our surveyors and inspectors are experienced professionals, registered with the compliant authorities, and ensure that we deliver the highest standards in our services. Our team is well aware of the regulatory knowledge and emphasis is on enabling you to complete your project on time, successfully.

We adopt a personalised approach, delivering you the assurance of a professional and customised service that suit your specific project requirements. We have excelled by contributing positively with the final permits for safe buildings, that adheres to all the regulatory standards, and are also energy efficient and accessible.

We understand how critical it is to conduct building permits that are in lines with the approved plans.

With our building permit services, there are no delays or any surprises.